We are excited to share with you what our school has to offer and look forward to meeting your family

Welcome to AISS

American International School in Stockholm offers a holistic and challenging American and International educational program founded on the values of STEAM Education, academic excellence, creativity, independence, international mindedness, wellness, innovation and service.

With experienced leadership, dedicated and caring educators and family engagement, AISS inspires students to pursue their passions and become lifelong learners.

AISS is STEAM Education’s new flagship American International School in Stockholm, part of STEAM exceptional international schools in Sweden.

Kids using building kit to create toys

We are an inclusive non-selective school and welcome applications all year round from students of all abilities

Our admissions criteria

To be considered for admissions by AISS students must have an international connection and fulfil any of the following requirements:

  1. The student is a resident in Sweden for a confirmed limited period of time; or
  2. The student has attended school abroad for a major part of their education and therefore have a reason to fulfil his/her education in an International School in Sweden. ; or
  3. The student is currently living in Sweden but are planning to leave Sweden for a longer period of time; or
  4. The student speaks the language of the school daily with one or both parents/caretakers and has sufficient language skills to participate in the education.

Enrolment & Central Registrations for all STEAM Schools

Our STEAM Central Registration office is open Monday to Friday from 8.00 until 16.00. We aim to be as flexible as possible so, if you would like to meet us outside of these times, please contact us and we’ll do our best to meet your request.

Email: admissions(at)steameducation.se

We will assist with:

  • Student registration process & payment
  • Booking a school tour
  • Information on new and existing schools
  • curriculum questions


We are delighted you would like to enroll your child with us at AISS. Starting the process is simple. Click the button Apply Online on the top of our website to launch the Inquiry form to register your interest.

Step 1 – Complete our online Inquiry form.

Step 2 -Submit the supporting documents. You will be asked to upload these documents in conjunction with the application form.

Step 3 – Application Review and Offer of Placement. The Admissions Office will review each completed application (including all documentation listed above).

Step 4-Acceptance of a place and Fee Payment. An offer of placement letter is sent via Open Apply when space becomes available.

At AISS we base the year level placement on the students date of birth as per the academic year. We use August 31st as the cut off date. Begin the application by filling out  the applying child’s date of birth. Our Admissions system will try to find the  year group for the applicant, but this can be changed manually if required.

Teachers and students in classroom

Why AISS ?

The world needs flexible and creative thinkers. Our STEAM School, AISS, will help students take full advantages of the world’s technology and give them the tools to be active thinkers and make their community better.