Creating opportunity for students through career education allowing them to gain real-world experience

Work Experience Program

When your children attend a STEAM AISS, they’ll be recieving career education to developr the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. And personal development, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership and real skills for future employment.

A STEAM-wide initiative, a first of its kind utilizing its extensive network working with industry leaders in Sweden and beyond. We will be campaigning and creating specific partnerships that promote lifelong learning and professional development of students, equipping them with portable and transferable skills for their future.

STEAM Education is looking to bring the skills and tools to enable occupation success into the classroom and align it with passion and strengths at an early age.

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education and guidance is a key element of the school's Careers Education program

education & guidance

Follow up with parents about the proffesion plans or subject choices of their child facilitates improved communication and enables the parents and pupils to develop strategies for identifying their preferences, overcome their weakness, build on their strengths and create an awareness of proffesion trends which would go a long way making informed career decisions.

Career education and guidance is more than just deciding on a major and what job you want to get when you graduate. It is a lifelong process that is influenced by your interests, abilities and passion.

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Career Education

Students have access to the school proffesions Library that contains a wide variety of printed and electronic media. The guidance process continues as students choose courses for their American School Curriculum Diploma or International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Students will be provided with a flow of information about a wide variety of career opportunities complemented with a work experience placement in Year 10. We will also have a conversation with each student to help them choose.